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Looking for a small monitor? Lilliput UK specialise in 7 inch monitors, 8 inch monitors, 9 inch monitors and 10 inch monitors. Our small monitors are currently being used in thousands of applications worldwide.

We have outlined the main features of our range of monitors in the tabs below. To discover our products in more detail, please browse through the categories above.

HDMI monitors are quickly becoming Lilliput's best selling range of compact 7 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch monitors. Lilliput's HDMI monitors are packed with useful features that appeal to a wide variety of markets. They include every single common AV standard on the market such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, composite video and YPbPr (on select models), feature intelligent HD scaling and are perfect for mounting. Click here to discover our full range of HDMI monitors.

Lilliput monitors with HDMI

Native HDMI connectivity. And much more!

HDMI connectivity is the latest and most popular AV standard. It is capable of sending pure digital signals over much longer lengths than older analogue cables (such as VGA and composite) whilst retaining the detail of every pixel.

As more and more devices output via HDMI (including DSLR cameras, computers, Bluray players and mobile phones) Lilliput monitors can be found in many different diverse applications, from field camera crews to elaborate AV installations.

Display your 1080 feeds on our 7 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch monitors

Intelligent HD scaling

There may well be native 1920×1080 7 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch monitors on the market, but this leads to a hefty price tag. Lilliput's market position is - and always has been - low price and great quality. To achieve a lower price point, Lilliput devised a way to scale full 1080p and 1080i signals to regular 7", 8" and 10" LCD panels, and the results are pure magic.

Experience your full HDMI 1080 feeds at a fraction of the cost, all thanks to some intelligent engineering.

VESA 75 mount available on HDMI monitors

Great range of mounting options

There are lots of different mounting options available with Lilliput's HDMI monitors, including VESA 75 mounts, ¼ inch British Standard Whitworth thread and desktop stands.

The choice of mounting options suits all kinds of AV applications; the ¼ inch BSW thread is perfect for mounting on camera rigs, and VESA 75 mounts are a blessing for AV installers.

Lilliput's VGA monitors are tried, tested and proven to perform by thousands of organisations of worldwide - not including the vast number of individuals and hobbyists. For customers looking for a fail-safe and dependable 7 inch, 8 inch or 10 inch monitor with touch screen, Lilliput's VGA monitors are the the professionals choice. Click here to discover our full range of VGA monitors.

Lilliput monitors with VGA

VGA - the video standard to depend on

VGA was - and still is - the de facto standard for displaying video from a computer. Though it is being replaced by new digital standards such as HDMI and DVI, VGA has become a standard many organisations depend on for their AV requirements.

Lilliput's VGA monitors are no exception. Our compact 7", 8" and 10" VGA monitors are reliable and well suited to mission-critical applications, especially in environments where industrial computers are involved.

VGA monitors can now be bought at a fantastic price

Competitive prices

VGA is an older technology compared to HDMI and DVI. That means that VGA monitors are also sold at a much lower price. Not only do our customers get a rock-solid and dependable monitor, but they also get this at the most competitive price on the market.

Some of Lilliput's most popular VGA monitors include the 619GL-70NP/C/T - our budget 7 inch monitor with touch screen, and the FA1042-NP/C - our low cost 10 inch monitor (touch screen available).

USB monitors have taken the AV market by storm. By connecting a Lilliput 7 inch, 8 inch or 10 inch USB monitor to a Windows computer, all power, video and touch screen (if present) can be handled by one USB cable. That means no external power supply required. No large and clumsy VGA or DVI cables. Just one simple USB cable. Click here to discover our full range of USB monitors.

Lilliput's range of USB monitors are low cost and convenient

One USB cable. Unlimited applications

One USB cable is all it takes. Simply connect up to six USB monitors to one Windows computer and easily install and manage content across all monitors.

Lilliput's customer base for USB monitors has been incredibly diverse and varied. From automotive manufacturers to financial institutions, you can find Lilliput's USB monitors in many different applications.

VGA monitors can now be bought at a fantastic price

USB monitor technology was designed to be low cost, convenient and reliable

USB monitors were developed from day one as a low cost video standard. Unlike our feature-packed HDMI and VGA monitors, USB monitors only include one USB video input and are built only to be connected to Windows computers.

AV integrators have rejoyced all over the world that their perfect compact monitors are also the lowest prices on the market.

Composite video has become the AV standard in many different markets, including CCTV monitoring and broadcast. It is a low cost connection and works with a lot of legacy equipment.

Lilliput's composite monitors range from 5 inch to 9 inch

Composite video connections

Composite is a widely used AV connection in a great deal of markets, including CCTV surveillance, broadcast, in-car entertainment and much more.

Although composite video is being succeeded by HDMI, Lilliput's composite video only monitors are positioned at the lowest cost spectrum of our portfolio and represent fantastic value to our customers.

Lilliput's composite video monitors are popular with CCTV cameras

The ideal CCTV monitor

Lilliput's composite monitors are widely used in the surveillance markets as CCTV monitors. Not only are Lilliput's composite monitors low cost, but they are also bright, clear and sharp.

In response to growing demand in the digital signage market, Lilliput introduced a range of monitors with ethernet inputs. This type of connectivity is ideal for distributing content remotely, from a central location and over long distances.

Lilliput's range of ethernet monitors are ideal for video distribution over computer networks

RJ45 connection

Networked monitors can be connected directly to a content server over large networks. This makes managing content extremely easy and can integrate with existing digital signage software.

Lilliput are continually expanding the product offering to include monitors optimised for new markets. We are always looking to assist our customers in supplying the right compact monitor for their application, so if you are at all unsure, please call us on +44 0845 0068868 and our sales team will look to solve your requirement.

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